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Kitchen Collection Ultra Design, my latest project 3D interior decoration, a series of kitchen project in I have a great pleasure to introduce you. Brooklyn Ultra Gloss # 1

This is a stylish kitchen and hallway, with an open-space design, well detailed to offer a range of customization and extensive Architecture, the theme chosen for this space is simple, White and Black, a way to value while providing asked, with a reduced area from May to October m². This implementation is covered with a metal structure with plugs designed as ceiling windows and bay windows at the end of cooking in order to illuminate the room.


As regards the lighting fixtures, have selected language suspensions rounded glass.

modern double sink recessed kitchen items, and to add a touch of freshness and greenery have to put plants in a long white pot design and end to animate the scene have to put a little decoration on the central island, a basket of black design wired fruit, lemon and orange.

Located in NY, this kitchen has a well-lit panoramic view overlooking the Central Park as seen from outer landscape.


In 3D this project my client was very demanding in every detail of the 3D perspective, and to tell you a secret, at first he did not even think I could give shines the image quality that imagine are for the project, then have to start with this first view 3D Hamdoullah kitchen and he was more than satisfied.


3D modeling:

Modeling part of this room, it was not so difficult to achieve unless well as technical parts such as the sink fixtures, appliances and other decorative part because it was the custom from the reference images under my favorite software 3DS MAX


Lighting and Rendering 3D:

Then there was the trickiest part to get out of my side I wanted to make myself a challenge and also persuade my client have to test other types of lighting like atmosphere of the day and night but, I think it may be too consumed the atmosphere of the sunset is a new idea to give a golden appearance I could have after several test light source such as HDR, Area light and Directional light up to have the desired angle of light, and after calibration on Photoshop and can add contrast and vivid color to bring out the materials.


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Infoline : +212 653 833 985 /