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LIVIO Kitchen is the sequel # 2 of my 3D kitchen project by Legrand unleashes your desire for space.

Do you say that everything is possible and let the

sun at home. The combination of materials,

the most daring arrangements, the features

unavoidable … LIVEO opens your interior space

total harmony. Think about your field of vision, your

look is lost in the horizon without encountering obstacles

in or out. * INDOOR SUN


Most of the 3D modeling of this interior was done under 3DS MAX, and of course V-Ray for the rendering, on this project we played on the quality of the materials with a floor of oak oak floor and a matt white for the walls,


The situation of this kitchen is in a villa on the foot of the beach which gives us more light to get into the room, an interior amber scale and the ambient natural light of the environment and the sun is the base from taking success in the field of photography right then we add artificial lights like Vray Area Lights in order to illuminate the less visible parts.

Infoline : +212 653 833 985 /