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The Golden Office 3D

The 3D Golden Desk

I am pleased to share with you, my latest 3D project of augmented reality, this project of decoration consists of four images of a reality of 3D images of surprising quality. With the collaboration of the architect and interior designer Lamia Cheikh Lahlou, this project is born thanks to the shared ideas and perseverance to offer the client the opportunity to live the dream.

The Golden Office is an office of a large office, located in Morocco in Marrakech, and in the middle of the red city, this piece is a masterpiece of decoration. something unique, sober and classic at the same time.

Decoration side

So to several styles in the Baroque style was the final choice,

The choice of the material was well aimed, the whites of the walls is to simulate a bounce of light which is illustrated to illuminate the whole room, and the black wenge wood to give more sobriety, when the d’oré

was a choice to give the impression of luxury, without forgetting the arabesques and the moldings in this very majestic atmosphere, the interior of this two-story maisonette enchants with its enchanting and soothing decoration. To discover in pictures.


Before starting a project it is very important that I take the necessary time in my search images references, a work process that I have always been, these images are used to proceed in the steps of my workflow and this serve me to keep more time !!

Technical Info

I did the modeling of this architecture from the inside under my favorite text 3DS MAX, and V-Ray as a rendering engine using its lighting system very powerful and easy to operate, when the light and Shade are adjustable to my need using area lights to give a photographic quality.

Regarding the postproduction is done using Photoshop and the different render layer for a very smooth image processing.

More decorative object, furniture and details give more 3D realism and value to the 3D synthesis image the baroque style chosen chose a lot of modeling and it is on this project that I developed Special techniques to finalize the project within the requested deadlines.

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