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THE VOZ FIRE PLACE Loft 3D visualization


THE VOZ FIRE PLACE – ART & DESIGN is a personal work that I did during my empty time, for the architecture that I chose is an image of a rectangular fireplace that I saw on a site of architecture for s’ inspire, and after she give me the idea to meter the fireplace in a block of wall, and after, all that comes alone, I put black walls because it’s more traditional, for the interior I play a can with the composition of the furniture, and for the outside I have imagined a environment of companion with some wild plants. For the last part of the process, Post-Production was not easy at all because I wanted to feel the warmth of the chimney that’s why I gave the little table more light and also all around the chimney to warm up the mood. The interior was modeled on 3DS MAX and V-Ray as a rendering engine of course and photoshop for post-production.

The VOZ FIRE PLACE, is a personal work that I made during my free time, the architecture that I thing is a rectangular fire place that I was inspired by HOUZZ and witch gaves me the idea to cut this wall and insert in it the fire place with an edge of small rocks around, I want it to look like a loft style so

I love green, so I made the background full of grass and plants, for the rendering it was rendered with V-Ray it took 10hours with bruteforce / bruteforce to get a clean result and good GI.

The post production was a little easy I did some tweaks here and their because I had a good result.

So guys it was my sneak.

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    Infoline : +212 653 833 985 /