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3D Animation Oil Training Center of Agadir

Agadir training center is a 3D Architectural animation, Today I am very happy to present this 3D architectural 3D animation film which was produced between the collaboration of SAMIR-ELIOUJ.COM and CG REALITY, it is about an animated film from the oil training center in Agadir, Morocco, a major project of its kind in Africa.

This animation was the fruit of the work of a whole team determined to offer the customer the best product of virtual visit.

Many thanks to Adnane Abouelouazne, artistic director of the project.

It is the largest training center for the oil and gas trades in Africa Save time and money

Installed next to the University Hospital of Agadir, the largest oil and gas training center in Africa will be opened in Agadir.

Called “Agadir International Training Center”, it will provide training in the oil and gas sector and will uncover new skills in this field.

According to the promoters, this project aims first and foremost to “meet the needs of African countries as those of other countries where the need is felt”. It will consist of a training room, a meeting room, a 206-seat amphitheater, a training pool, a welding shop and a training area.

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    Infoline : +212 653 833 985 /