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VILLA URBAN KITCHEN by Legrand, inspired by the kitchens of always and well inked in the life of today.

This third edition of 3D kitchen has used a raw material design theme, a matte black floor covering and the wall decorated in a loft style with these white brick aspect facing panels of a loft style with a Scandinavian design. The inspiration of raw and natural materials such as woods

lacerated tells a whole story. this interior was made under 3DS MAX, and of course V-RAY for rendering.

A sweet dis symmetry finished to perfect. Quite like on the previous project I use the technique of the interior amber balance and the ambient natural light of the environment and the sun is the basis of taking success in the field of photography just then we add some artificial lights like Real Area Lights in order to illuminate the parts less visible, and this allows us to have no over-exposed parts in our image in order to bring the raw image to Photoshop with a sufficient amount of information for the calibration of the image. A little extra soul that makes your kitchen a unique and functional place.

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    Infoline : +212 653 833 985 /